A Norweigan-style handcrafted log cabin – Design & construction worldwide

Traditional Norwegian log cabins have separate but adjoined areas for dining, sleeping, etc.  Green  roofs are very common. Log homes are built a little differently in each part of Norway, and the different styles are recognized by the name of the region.

Norwegian log cabins are characterized by very small rooms, so we urge non-Norwegian customers who otherwise love the look of this type of architecture to choose a personalized project.

We will design and build for you a Norwegian-style log house with a contemporary floor plan. For the walls of the house, we offer hand-scribed and hand-notched logs or modern glulam logs – whichever you prefer. There are plenty of options, especially for hand-crafted houses. There are more than 40 known methods of hand-notching the corners of a Norwegian log house, not to mention subtle variations in finishing materials, both traditional and modern.

A Norwegian-style handcrafted log house – design & construction

We will be happy to design a Norwegian log house in a size and shape and using the materials that suit you. This is a house we built in Hovden in Norway in 2010. Yours can be bigger, a different color, with a different kind of roof, made of machine-milled glulam logs… Exactly the way you want it. That is why we specialize in building custom-designed houses.