A modern log house doesn't necessarily have to have a classic shape

A modern log cabin in Spain

A Modrern log home

A modern log cabin doesn’t necessarily have to have a classic shape – it can take any form, and can be supplemented by stone, metal or other materials.  

The rooms in this one are high-ceilinged and spacious, all of them with plenty of light,despite the northern side of the house only having windows reminiscent of small arrow slits.

A closer look reveals such slits in the bathrooms and sauna, in the kitchen above the sink and in other places where bigger windows aren’t needed. This modern design has plenty of aspects to take pride in when it comes to inventive technical features – and the perfect dovetail notches greatly enhance the minimalist structure.

This particular customer came to us with pictures of the house of their dreams, and we built it for them near Teruel in Spain in 2009. We can design, custom-produce and build your dream home, too, like no other house – with a unique appearance that fits you like a perfectly tailored suit. 

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