Building of off-grid log cabins in remote locations

Construction of a off-grid log cabin

Off-grid log cabin

These pictures illustrate the process of building a hand-crafted, custom-designed off-grid log cabin in a remote location. The house is pre-built from kiln-dried square logs under a roof to ensure maximum quality. If raw or naturally dried wood is used and the construction process takes place in the open, the wood will develop mold and a light bluey-gray change in color. Mold is very unhealthy and hazardous to people with asthma and other chronic respiratory ailments.

Once the house is completed, the logs are numbered and disassembled. During this stage, ducts for wiring are drilled into the walls and strips of linen felt are placed between the logs, which are then packed in order of assembly and sent to the construction site. In this example, the site was a long way away in a mountainous area where there are no roads.

A helicopter had to transport all of the materials the last three miles. The site is outside of the EU. Construction without scaffolding or a crane is not allowed in the EU – so as the saying goes, don’t try this at home! Let us take care of it for you, as we are sure to come up with a solution. Every problem has one, even if you want to build a cabin in a remote and complicated location

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There is another handmade cabin, but in Swedish style, follow this link: Swedish handmade log cabin