Norwegian log cabin
Norwegian log cabin

Custom norwegian log houses & cabins

Norwegian log cabins have a rustic charm to them that stand out not just for their aesthetics, but also for their use of organic construction materials and the science based construction methods employed.

Taking inspiration from the beauty and functionality of historical Scandinavian-style log cabins, we concentrate on choosing the best organic materials for the houses.

We produce and build anything and everything that can be made from logs, both classic and modern.

A Norwegian-style handcrafted log house – design & construction

A Norwegian-style handcrafted log cabin

Traditional Norwegian log cabins have separate but adjoined areas for dining, sleeping, etc. Built 2010 in...

Swedish log cabin with green grass roof

A classic Swedish-style handcrafted log cabin with green roof

We enjoy designing and building traditional Swedish-style log cabins, but in a slightly more modern style.

Building of off-grid log cabins in remote locations

These pictures illustrate the process of building a hand-crafted, custom-designed off-grid log cabin in a remote location.

Insulated log home

An insulated modern log house in Stockholm

We produced and built this log house to order for a young family on Tynningö Island in the Stockholm archipelago in 2016 .

A German-style dovetail notched log house from gluelam timber

We built this classic log house in Eppingen in Germany in 2015 based on the designs of architect Kai A. Pimpl.

A modern log house doesn’t necessarily have to have a classic shape

A modern log cabin doesn’t necessarily have to have a classic shape – it can take any unusual form.

Hand scribed or modern log cabin?

We love to build both modern custom-designed chalets in the traditional handcrafted way and creating traditional Norwegian log houses made from modern engineered timber on a high-tech production line.

The mix of tradition and innovation we incorporate in our designs improves energy efficiency, and our houses require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan

We produce and build anything and everything that can be made from logs, both classic and modern. Swedish-style log cabins with grass roof or big and beautiful Norwegian homes.

Norwegian log house

You deserve a custom designed log cabin home

We understand the unique lifestyles and needs of our clients and aspire to build unique solutions.

We believe in custom-designed and custom-built  homes, not in a basic one-size-fits-all cabin.

Similarly, there is a difference between driving a Ferrari and a Fiat, even if they are both great Italian cars.

The driving pleasure and comfort they offer are very different.


Our idea is to build carefully with all our heart from all-natural organic materials.

With us you can be sure your log cabin contains no PVC, acrylics, epoxy resins, silicone, styrofoam or any other modern man-made construction materials.

There is no doubt that those who live in houses made from modern man-made materials continually suffer from allergies and chronic conditions.

Choose only natural organic finishing materials for your log home.  

Timber, stone, glass, metal, natural oils and waxes are good for you, whereas modern construction chemicals are not. Let’s keep the good things in and the man-made materials out.