Bjælkehuse fra fabrik i Estland

Bygning af bjælkehuse er et specialeområde for vores estiske byggehold med bred erfaring fra byggerier verden over.

Uanset om De ønsker at bygge et håndhugget bjælkehus eller et af fræsede bjælker, har vi lang tids erfaring med bygning af et betydeligt antal forskellige slags bjælkehuse i diverse lande fra Finland til Spanien.

Desuden kan vi på Deres vegne fremskaffe materialerne til bjælkehuset, vi finder det bedste vægmateriale, vinduer og døre foruden alt andet nødvendigt til Deres bjælkehus.

Fra os kan De nøjes med at bestille materialesættet til et bjælkehus, eller De kan få et full-service nøglefærdigt bjælkehus.

Under alle omstændigheder giver et estisk byggefirma Dem en gevinst i pris og kvalitet.

Bjælkehus modeller:

Bjælkehus Hovden 144
Bjælkehus Fjord 178
Fritidshus Alicante 100m2
Bjælkehus Costa Blanca 120
Bjælkehus Magnolia 130
Bjælkehus Valencia 150
Bjælkehus Bordeaux 210
Bjælkehus Country 136
Bjælkehus Oslo 235

Log home price explained:

Everything that can be done with logs – we can do. We can do as good and certainly with better price than an log home importer next to your door. But it is you, who tells us how much your house will cost, because you choose the materials and finishing quality for your house and this makes up final price.

One example: The thicker the wall, the more wood it takes and obviously it costs more. But thin wall has very poor noise insulation capability and is very expensive to live in it as both, heating and air conditioning consume a lot of electricity every day. The same story is with doors and windows. Good ones cost more, but you are the boss and you decide what’s your price.

Our factory produces houses for  builders in many countries. We produce finnish houses for Finland, norwegian style  houses for Norway in handcrafted logs and with norwegian saddle notch corner joints. Traditional european log homes we can also do exactly as you like. Your project will be taken good care of by our team in factory and in construction site.

We are known for clean and energy efficient dovetail corner joints – in Germany it’s called  “Das Tiroler Schloß” , in Sweden they call it ”laxknut” and in Swizerland it’s called Schwalbenschwanz-Verbindung. We love it and it does not cost more than widespread cross-corner. It is also suitable for city areas where it is not allowed to build log homes with cross corners. Well, at least something that does not cost extra!

We can provide ultra modern solutions for  energy efficient modern log homes and traditional houses alike and  also we can produce  garden sheds that look like houses. It is all about choice of materials and price. We always recommend to build a smaller house and choose better quality materials instead of living in a garden shed. It is also a lot cheaper to do things right from the beginning.

Square logs are suitable for all kinds of log houses

In a log house that is designed for a permanent home the log wall must be at least 200 mm in thick, then no extra insulation is needed but compliance with energy regulations must be taken into account in the design.

We use square logs of massive wood and square logs made of laminated wood. Laminated logs are a lot more stable wall material but also more costly.

Laminated logs will not shrink, twist, warp, or crack as much as a conventional profiled logs.

Square log wall with external thermal insulation

External insulation is best suited to houses which are heated year round, such as single-family detached houses in nordic climate.

The thickness of the thermal insulation is chosen according to the desired heat insulation level and climate zone, zero-energy level insulation is also possible.

We do not recommend external insulation to Mediterranean climate, excessive change of temperatures and humidity demands internal insulation.

Log walls with internal thermal insulation

Internal insulation is best suited for holiday homes that are heated only occasionally during  cold winter and for regions where winter is not extremely cold and heating period is short.

Internal insulation will preserve unmistaken beauty of a log home. Internal insulation is the right choice for hot climate like in Mediterranean, where humidity and dry air change often and difference between daily low and high temperatures  is big.

Internal insulation can be finished with wood, so it looks alike from outside or with stone or tiles or whatever ecological materials you like.

Roof insulation

The thermal insulator thickness required depends on regional requirements but in general less than 200 mm is very irresponsible, no matter if it is a weekend house or a family home.

Thermal insulation can be fitted below or above load-bearing roofing construction.

The structure and airtight seals of the roof must always be checked on a case-by-case basis to ensure faultless function and good thermal insulation capabilities.

Logs of solid wood come in following dimensions:

Nb! Solid wood logs thicker than 92 mm we do not recommend unless in traditional norwegian  log homes, where cracks in the wood and rough looks are intensional.

Laminated logs come in following dimensions:

200 mm thick walls made of laminated nordic pinewood are good for most countries in central and western Europe also for Mediterranean heat, and they will last many lifetimes. However,  wood as any commodity is sold by cubic meter and sometimes it is better to compromise with thinner walls and  extra insulation if your project is price sensitive.

Walls thinner than 113 mm are not suitable for a weekend house.

Energy efficient log homes

Log homes can be insulated to the same level as zero energy houses. In the same time a log home will provide all natural living environment and thick logs will keep all pollution of modern life distant.

We offer wide choice of thermal insulation solutions, doors and windows both suitable for an ecological log home and energy efficient in the same time.

Windows for a log home

As a standard we can offer 4 different type of wooden windows that are all good for a log home, but you decide what price level is suitable for you. U-value shows the energy efficiency, the smaller the number, the better. An example: average windows in an average German home built 10 years ago have an average U-value of 2,4 …

Window for log home, Option 1

Window option 1 - Energy Class C+

This is a standard window for weekend houses and for living houses in mild climate. It is double glazed and argon gas filled for better insulation capabilities. Standard colors are white, gray and brown. It can be painted in any color according to RAL9001 color chart to match your house design. Download PDF for details: Window option 1

Window option 2 - Energy Class C+

This is a standard window for living  houses and for weekend houses in intensely sunny regions like in mediterranean or in mountains. Wooden window frame is covered with anodized aluminum from outside to protect wood and paintwork for many decades from intensive sunlight.  It is double glazed and argon gas filled for better insulation capabilities. Standard colors are aluminum and bronze. It can be painted in any color according to RAL9001 color chart to match your house design. IMPORTANT: if you choose painted aluminum instead of galvanized, it will need repainting in next 8-10 years and it is challenging work. Option 2 costs about 30% more. Download PDF for details: Window option 2

Window for log home, Option 2
Low energy window for log home - Option 3

Window option 3 - Energy Class A+

A triple glazed argon filled window covered with aluminum from outside, galvanized or painted custom colors possible according to RAL9001 color chart at extra cost. Price about 60 % higher than option A.  Download PDF for details: Window option 3

Window option 4 - Energy Class A+ (Suitable for passive houses)

This windows are suitable for passive house and for large glass facades that don need to be opened. Download PDF for details: Window option 4

Passive log house window - Option 4
Passive log house window - Option 4


Exterior doors can be custom made in our factory according to your architect’s or designer’s imagination  or we can find some cheaper alternative for you.