Hurricane proof log house – Fortessa Caribbean 200

Hurricane proof log house 'Fortessa Caribbean 200' was designed to withstand winds over  200 miles per hour

Hurricane proof log house

Hurricane proof log house Fortessa Caribbean 200

hurricane proof house

Hurricane proof house

Interior of a hurricane-resistant house

hurricane-proof-log house

Floor plan.

Hurricane proof log house Fortessa Caribbean 200 is designed to withstand winds of more than 200 mph ( or 90 meters per second), that’s even faster than Hurricane Irma in 2017.

In general, most of Scandinavian log houses are storm proof for winds up to 60 meters per second as standard. However in this case, our engineers have put a lot of extra effort into this exceptional house design and made lots of innovative changes to traditional log house construction.

Hurricane proof log house construction:

Strong log walls are built of certified & tested extra strong massive GL 24 grade glue laminated  pinewood beams, made of wood harvested from responsibly managed Scandinavian forests. Dovetailed corner joints give our log houses extra strength against these high velocity hurricane winds. All walls consists of at least two metal anchors from top to bottom to make the log house extra strong and keep it securely fixed to its foundation.

Huge security glass doors and windows are all protected with hurricane proof window shutters.

The roof is a Ruuki Classic Nextgen sheet metal roof from Finland, 6dB quieter than any other metal roof and, of course, it is hurricane proof. Colors available for roofing are red, white, gray, limestone, and sometimes blue is available on special order.

The color scheme for your house is up to you, as we can provide all of the colors found in NCS color charts.

Pricing of a house:

We are not cheap housing. We're a higher-end, cosy, ecological European made product that can be purchased for affordable price, fully finished price beginning from 110$ per square foot depending on transport, import taxes and other location depending costs.